Paramore’s “Aint It Fun” will be a super stylized, colorful and explosive video telling a story of a weird phenomenon happening in a small town. Our main character will be Hayley Williams. She will be supported by her band mates Jeremy & Taylor.

The video would start off very slow paced to trick the viewer into thinking they’re just watching a traditional story of a rebel girl in a small town, that is, until things start to get weird. We catch glimpses of news footage from a storefront window display and newspapers blowing in the wind saying something odd is happening in the outside world. Right at about the 46 second mark is when it happens…. BOOM…. People start exploding into burst of color.

Slowly everyone around Hayley starts to explode and disappear into thin air leaving behind just their clothes perfectly laid out. The VFX will be somewhat lo-fi, using analog methods, no cgi (ie. Michel Gondry). However in order to get the most out of this scene we will be using a high tech motion control rig and a lot of post production.

The main look would be based off the “Rapture Bomb” meme with a twist and story to follow. This was a funny prank the internet played during the supposed rapture of 2012. We could cut to a bench with just clothes, a soccer uniform with a ball rolling around the floor, a business suit with just the suitcase, you get the point.

To expand on this concept the people exploding could be the “boring” crowd ( we can showcase this by having all the people who’ve exploded wearing dull colors like grey, white and black.) and the survivors are the fun rebels (Paramore could all be wearing something bohemian, wild & colorful). By the end of the video the only people left in this small town are the rebels. This storyline is almost similar to the movie Pleasantville or a small town being disrupted by the presence of a free/young crowd.

We could end the video with a big colorful party with all of our survivors celebrating in the middle of the street surrounded by piles of clothes.

Another sub ending would be Paramore leaving the town entering a new one and the explosions repeating all over again leaving the viewer to ask… did Paramore cause all this?

*Note: I know Paramore recently just did a video that involved burst of color but the context, story & setting of this video is completely different. 







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The rig I had in mind is the same one used to shoot this commercial. PRESS PLAY BELOW