*Note: The entire story will be told alongside Victorias performance sequences. Victorias performance is detailed below the story treatment.


We open on a shot of a young preteen boy running in slow motion away from a group of bullies. We see all of his books slowly falling from his backpack in this beautiful slow fashion. He looks behind him as the bullies get closer and closer. The camera fades to white right before the bullies catch him.

CUT TO.  EARLIER. Outside School

The same kid getting bullied by the older kids somewhere outside of school. He gets pushed around and knocked on the floor. As he picks up his things we see a young girl staring at him from the other side of the yard. She looks sort of like a tom boy with glasses and freckles (definitely not a cool kid but she has her own style). 

She walks towards him and hands him a note. The young boy opens it up to reveal a symbol etched on a piece of paper. He looks back at her only to realize she's disappeared.

CUT TO. Outside Neighborhood. Boy walking home from school

As the young boy walks home from school he looks up and see's a sign with the same symbol as the etching on the paper. He opens up the paper to double check. At the foot of the sign is a long trail that leads to a hole in a fence. Before the boy has any time to think about it the bullies come in on their bikes aggressively yelling and threatening him. 

CUT TO. Slow motion running again

We go back to the young boy running just like earlier. This time we see he makes it to the hole in the fence. From the other side we reveal the boy making his way through and pan around to an amazing Clubhouse built in an abandoned Circus.

Slowly out of the shadows other nerdy looking kids come out of strange places (cars, tents, trailers, etc). Each have a unique style to them but together they become one. They keep coming out until they form a long line. The young girl from earlier comes out last to greet the young boy. She puts a necklace over him as if welcoming him to the club.

As the bullies finally make it through the fence they come face to face to the Misfit gang. The young kid hides behind the young girl (who seems to be the leader). Together they sing the chorus of the song "We are the cool kids, we are the underdogs and we are popular no matter what you say!!" As they sign this louder and louder the bullies get blown away with some sort of magic. Leaves flying everywhere and around them. They Misfits keep yelling with their fist in the air singing this chorus until the bullies drop everything and run.

Everyone cheers with joy and hugs one another. THE END

Alternate Ending: We somehow hint that the young girl was Victoria the entire time.