Yes you’re old and 5-year olds are cooler than you.

Yeah, you’re probably real cool. You’re getting paid right now to flip through Buzzfeed even though you’re supposed to be plugging numbers into Excel or prepping heart surgery for some Nobel Prize winner (virgin). You’re sending sext or getting dick pix, or eating an oversized burrito with double the meat. This is an excellent place to be in life. The thing is though…right now in the streetz, this is happening.

Dude is doing a wheelie in a car. It’s a plastic car too, so it’s probably good for the environment. Don’t fact check that. That’s what lames do. Just recognize that this is happening in the streetz.

Sometime the streetz are sweet. Like when the ice cream man rolls by and falls asleep with the door open. Sometimes little militants pop off Gatling guns and maybe you shouldn’t be looking for ice cream in the streetz anyway. You’re an adult, go to the store.

In the streetz you don’t even aim. Actually this is quite terrible and I’m sure the sunglasses aren’t helping. Stay away from da streetz.

Parents, there are hilarious commercials warning you to lock up the cough syrup. Listen to the commercials. This is what happens when you don’t.

They do not take requests in da streetz. If you even mouth the word’s Katy Perry, they will fist pump your jaw out of its socket. Don’t even say Lady Dairy, it’s too close.


In conclusion. You’re not doing real well at life. This video can teach you a thing or two.