This next idea is 100% ‘performance with a twist.” The best way to understand it is to take a look at the camera test I did below and the animated GIF above. Milly rock. Nae Nae, twerking and foot working are the focus. I want to take what these kids have done with their dance videos in the past and throw a creative twist on it.

The basic premise is that one piece of movement is tracked in post production, and steadied – forcing everything else around to move. So, the dancers feet is tracked, and it appears that the whole floor is rotating around the dancer. A hand as it whips and nae nae's or a booty as it twerks. A person falls to the floor, and the entire room seems to move instead.

There’s a lot of room for experimentation - anything that moves can be tracked. As the clip progresses, our tracking gets wilder and wilder, and the band throws in more things. What we have on our hand is a classic twerk, footwork video unlike any other. 


I think it would be cool if every time the location changed the world flipped upside down and around. This goes with the whole moving of the Earth feel we're using for the rest of the video.


I think the video should look and feel like the Southside of Chicago. I like the idea of shooting in front of brick walls or murals around the city. Because it's a performance video we should pay attention to the location just as much as the performances. The video should be fun and colorful and include atleast a dozen different locations around the Southside of Chicago. Below are some ideas.

Other ideas for locations. Chicago landmarks and restaurant or Bodega storefronts.


The backgrounds should match up with what the performers are wearing. Because there's already so much happening having a consistent and poppy look would play a crucial part in making this look Hot. OKGO is a good example of this