"Drink Smoke"



Drink Smoke will be a outdoor party video (ei. Nelly - Country Grammar) which takes place in two different sides of Chicago. One side you have your smokers the other side your have your drinkers (Split screen).

The technique we'll be using to showcase the video will be an analog version of the commonly used mirror effect a lot of directors use in their videos. (example). Instead of creating the effect in post every transition, scene & shot will be shot twice/replicated for both sides of the story. In post we will stich together the two shots to create one shot that looks like a reflection.

Different scenes we could implement.

  • Camera rotating within a crowd (one side drinkers, one side smokers)
  • Overhead shot of the crowd
  • Hitting the blunt / Taking a drink
  • Car cruising in the street (2 different cars, same shot/angle)
  • walking from one side to another
  • focused on one opject the panning seperate directions to reveal individual rapper
  • One side rapper listening/watching . The other side the rapper rapping
  • Booty shaking (split screen)

Possible shoot dates

  1. June 8th-9th
  2. June 22-23rd
  3. June 29-30th