Our story takes place in the streets of Chicago where D. Smith encounters a group of thugs one night who discriminate against her. 

D Smith fights back against her antagonist in a fierce surreal fashion. Basically instead of fighting with her fist, its her words, song & dance that fight back against these guys. We see them getting pushed back by an invisible wind and their reaction change from anger to a look of awe.

There's also a twist in the story where one of the original antagonist falls for D Smith and we cut to our second act where they're together in a romantic/glamourized fashion.

We end the video with D Smith getting the guy and the other thugs running off into the night.

*sidenote: most of the action & story can be shot in our hyper real visual style. Whereas the performance stuff can be shot more traditionally.


Because this is a Pop song & D Smith is an artist who can work her looks we will be shooting performance vignettes to go along with the story.

The Art Direction in general should be this grainy & somewhat dark vibe. Jane said it perfectly when he compared it to NIGHTCRAWLER. I want color pallets of dark Neon green & brick red. Smoky backgrounds & exposed bulbs.

For these I'd like atleast two looks. One of them should be of D Smith inside a classic American muscle car. There should be smoke & brick walls in the background to give off a more urban look.

The second look should be with our love interest in a photo booth / portrait fashion.

What I'd love for our audience to get out of this story is a sense of joy & pride for D Smith standing up for herself & in turn the LGBT community.

D Smith needs to be the champion and the beautiful star to our video. The song itself has a very proud message of being "a bad bitch".

Let me know what the team thinks of this and where you'd like to expand on.


Below is the technique we'll be implementing throughout the video. Basically the whole video will be still photographs played out in rapid succession.

Photos of D SMITH


Misfits of the night. They should all have their own unique style and take but when combined form a consistent look. Familiar looks:

  • Studded Leather jacket
  • Studded gloves
  • round or edgy sunglasses
  • died hair
  • belts over jeans
  • Vintage Rock Tee shirt


Ruff and rugged mechanic gang. Lots of black on black.

Common wardrobe items include:

  • Tattoos
  • Greased Hair
  • Dirty fingernails
  • Facial Hair
  • Denim Jacket
  • Motorcycle Gang Vest
  • Dark flannel