When I hear MIRRORS I get a dark energetic feel. If I could compare it to anything it would be Diddy's "Can't Hold Me Now" type of mood. I'm imagining dark streets, shattered glass, smoke and for some reason... fire? I want to give a sense of feeling rather than tell a traditional story. We could go about it using traditional methods like shooting on location but I'd like to take a different approach and create the world within the video.

The space will be dark, ambient and dramatic. We'll use a variety of mixed effects such as trick/stop motion photography and 3D visual effects to create the cinematic environment. One of the techniques I'd like to play with is the bullet time effect made famous by 'The Matrix' or stereoscopic photography that's becoming a trend as of lately. Smoke machines can be used to create more environment.

Below is a rough idea of how the video might play out.

This is a visual effect we might be able to implement to mimic shattered glass surrounding Lungz.