Blurred Memories of a troubled star. That's the concept behind the "Never Be The Same" video. That simple.

The approach we'll be using to tell our story will be organic animation with a very natural flow and a rich deep color tone. Ty Dolla $ign and Jay Rock will be framed in a clean portrait composition while they narrate the different stories happening behind them. We'll animate the different struggles of life and fame. Money grubbing girls, money slowly disappearing, old girls being jealous of your success, guys who hate on you, Champagne pouring and breaking in the club. All of this fading in & out with our portrait shots. Jay Rocks section should be shot through a mirror as well as the portrait shot.


The animation will be done in a very unique way. We are going to shoot & light all of our elements in a studio with all of our colors added during the shoot. This gives us so much flexibility with how we can place our "memory scenarios". The footage will be put through a few different process and blends until it looks somewhat like an oil or charcoal painting placed on a watercolor backdrop. Since this is all being done in the computer we can even switch between oil, charcoal, pencil and watercolor. It might add for a nice effect. We can also mix some of the effects I used to create the Mac Miller America video. We can also improve on some techniques I used for this DIY music video I shot in Chicago.


When doing an animation color is such an important element. Like I mentioned, we will be using rich deep color hues. Some examples of color palettes are below. Another good option for this would be a black and white color palette with a splash of color like red, yellow, or blue.