Paranoia will be a glimpse of the violence in Chicago through short vignettes showcasing moments frozen in time & stylized photography. The setting will be dark and dramatic. It might even shock some people with the truth. We follow the journey of a brother & his young sister (5-8yrs) as they deal with the realities of violence together & the paranoia that follows.

1st Verse (0:13)

It starts with a close up of a young man (brother), he's in a dark space dimly lite from above (think streetlight). He's not moving because this is just a frozen moment in time.

The camera pans down to reveal he has a gun tucked in his pants, we pan down further and reveal he's holding his precious sisters hand. We pull back as they stand frozen in time to reveal Chance the rapper singing into the microphone. The main characters have no idea of his existence because Chance is the narrator of the story, like a ghost.

The camera pulls away from our characters to another frozen moment in time. This time it's the brother driving in his car smoking a blunt cruisin the block monitoring the streets. The car drives away from our field of view and we see a memorial the brother just drove away from.

The camera continues it's journey traveling through these moments. 

The next scene is just a hand peeking out of the shadows holding a gun. (no face, barely a body). 

Breakdown (0:40) 

Chance passes through singing in the foreground. The camera focuses on the background to a timelapse of the brother in mourning over a tragedy. The timelapse will show the passing of time as he deals with this issue.

1st Verse (0:54)

Chance passes the camera and we follow him through this hallway covered in trees. We lose him somewhere in the shuffle and reveal the little girl instead, passing through these same trees. We also see her older brother running with her.

transition (1:50) 

Chance passes through again, this time followed by a small crowd of children running in slow motion (or skateboarders).  One of those people is the boy & his sister.

The crowd runs off into the shadows.

A (POV) hand appears with a gun, it fires a bullet in their direction. But we can't see who's been shot. 

Chance interupts the story again as the camera follows him into a room filled with projectors.

2nd Verse (2:03)

Projected on the walls will be a mix Chicago news footage, police and city scapes. This coincides with the lyric "They murder kids here" it's also very fitting of the theme of the song itself being about violence in Chicago.)

transition (2:58) 

Chance walks away again to the next scene. The kids & skateboarders passing him up again. 

We reveal the little girl shot with her brother holding her crying. 

3rd Verse (3:12) 

The last shot will be chance against a green screen. He will appear as if he's flying through clouds, fireworks, thunderstorms and drastic weather changes. This will match the lyrics of him hating fireworks & hating when it storms out and weather changes. We'll show mesmorizing thoughts flying through his head as he deals with the violence in his mind.

 We end with the last two lines of the song written on screen. 



  • CU: Boys face. Pan down to reveal his little sisters hand in his.
  • Pan across boy cruisin in his car.
  • Pan across memorial.
  • In the shadows we show a hand holding gun. 
  • Timelapse of boy mourning a death.
  • PAN into little girl sitting enjoying the sun in her face (or riding bicycle) to show off innocence.
  • Little girl runs & we show enemy eyes in the distance. 
  • (Projection room . flashes of Chicago streets, news stations, subway, memorials, Police dept)
  • Gun shot. Boy runs but we show the little girl has been hit.
  • End with CU of boy living in a paranoid state. 


Paranoia will be shot in Chicago at the Shift Focus studio. The space is perfect for what we're doing it's rustic, has a hallway, and 2 sound stages we can take advantage of. 

Palettes & Style References


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