Prison Riot is going to be super intense high action and ultra violent music video set in a Dystopian deserted future. The goal is to expand on the world the guys (Flosstradamus) have created with their music and shows and turn it into a mini movie.

It starts with a high stakes car chase between a pair of young wounded teens and enraged hooded gangsters. The chase eventually leads to a base where our bad guys meet their doom.... Flosstradamus. 

There are a few key components that are important to really get across in this video: Flosstradamus  making a cameo, Fire, and a HDY PRISON.

0 - 0:13

We open with a tight shot of someone's face. Pull out a bit to reveal them driving. From their chaotic maneuvering we can tell it's not a good situation. The Camera pulls out even more to reveal the vehicle as a dirty dilapidated black buggy cruising through the desert. 

0:13 - 0:35

CUT TO. A hooded figure inside a second car (truck) chasing our wounded victims. Reveal that's it's a group of three possessed gangsters dressed in dark hoodys and rage in their eyes. We can spot the one in the back reloading his rifle.  All except the driver have their faces covered with bandanas.

In the passenger seat of our victims buggy lies an injured girl grasping their bloody arm and yelling to go faster. We can see the truck getting closer as we reveal both cars racing through a dark dry desolate desert.

In the backseat of the truck we can see our gangster lighting up a bomb or mol tav cocktail. They hang it out the window. Slowly let it burn then throw it....

right as Lil Jon yells "Like a Mutha fucking Prison Riot" we get a huge explosion in front of our buggy.

0:35 - 1:03

The Action starts. We cut to fast passed drive by shots of both cars racing through the desert. A game of cat & mouse ensues. One of the black hooded gangsters hangs out of the passenger window with his XL sized rifle and starts letting the bullets fly. From inside their car we see the other passenger screaming and yelling with joy and banging his hands on the roof of the car.

1:03 - 1:19

Our wounded heroes ditch their buggy and make a run for a fortress in the distance. We can see HYDNATION flags flying in the air. The hooded gangsters are still in their truck circling and taunting them. 

The two wounded teenagers we've been following barely make it through the opening of the door as the truck nearly smashes the front of the door.

1:16 - 1:30

Once inside the fortress the music calms down and we get a moment of solace.  All around we see signs that say "PLUR" or "NO GUNS" to show it's a peaceful community. All three gangsters make their way inside and reveal a community of young kids and teenagers all dressed the same as our two protagonist. There's even a young child amongst them, none of them are armed or look threatening. 

In slow motion dramatic fashion, the community yells and screams at the gangsters to go away.

1:30 - 1:55

The community seems helpless and everything slows down as the drama and tension builds between both sides. One of the gangsters grabs the weakest link from the bunch as the two other ones gather the rest in a straight line ready for execution.

The child gets away and we follow him running in slow motion as he gets help. This happens simultaneously as the hooded mob starts beating up the family. A high and low.

The kid yells at someone offscreen.

1:55 - 2:01

In come our two saviors. A physical manifestation of Flosstradamus. Two armored and cloaked ninja looking badasses armed to the teeth and ready to kick some ass. 

Out of nowhere a guys head explodes right when Lil' Jon says "FUCK IT" They kick down a door and start tearing it up. Chaos and people running everywhere.


2:01 - 2:40

The last stand begins. The two Floss soldiers start tearing it up flawlessly. Armed with swords they start removing limbs left and right. 

2:40 - 3:06

The video ends in a fiery blaze as both Floss boys grab a can of aerosol from their waist marked with the infamous "Warning Sign". The both look down on our last hooded gangster standing and light him up.

The end of the video is just fire and end credits.