Another One Bites The Dust

by Alberto Parera

Last week while shooting my latest video for Alyson Stoner & while we were waiting for H&MU I found an opportunity. Instead of waiting around I asked our choreographer Brian Davis to step in an show us what he's got. The end result is this one take freestyle video. I've never witness anyone move like Brian does & this moment blew me away.


by Alberto Parera

Few captures taken during my recent visit to Havana Cuba. During the trip we thought it would be a good idea if we printed a book from from all the photos taken. These were taken by my team and trusted colleagues: Marc Moran, Ryan Cramer, Maryam Gaber and myself.


by Alberto Parera

Some snapshots taken at the last shoot I directed for Kera Care Shampoo. I wanted to create a sense of elegance and sex appeal for the product. My wife, who's a fine artist, helped create the practical effects seen throughout the video. The dripping gold slowly reveals the final product at the end. The team at Anthem Films did a phenomenal job at assembly the perfect crew for the job. The production was located at Siren Studios in Hollywood. Everyone on the team did such an amazing job. You can check out some photos from the set as well as the finished product.


by Alberto Parera

Click below to watch the original storyboards I created for the Flosstradamus record 'Drop Top' featuring Travis Porter. You can also read the full treatment here. (password: 123). 

To coincide with the launch I created these hilarious animated GIFS for social media and publication use. The GIFS timed perfectly with Twitters new feature implementation of GIFS.

Some BTS photos from the set of DROP TOP below

Bonus: Flosstradamus inspired the first piece of media I made in 2005-2006. Back then I made it for fun & as an appreciation piece. I remember sending it to them via Myspace. #factsonly