by Alberto Parera

Ever since Hit-Boy and I teamed up in 2012 we've produced three videos for his artist "Audio Push", including my personal favorite for the record "Shine".

When Hit-Boy approached me with the opportunity to direct his latest video I knew it was time to take it up a notch. Hit provided me with some awesome themes based around the West Coast, the rest was up to my team and I.

Below are some tidbits from the making of "ALERT".

1ST PHASE: Original Storyboards. Initial boards were created 3 weeks before production and showcased what the intro might look like. Inspired by the album artwork for Dr. Dre's classic "The Chronic".

Pre-vizualization Animation. I created this animation to get the team excited about things to come. This was two weeks before production had started and was used to test out ideas for the intro. I mixed it up with some found footage of Hit-Boy and low-riders.

Final Storyboards, Behind The Scenes and End Result. Once production wrapped I was able to develop the final storyboards using the footage we shot. Me and Hit went back and forth until we both settled on the look. The gold 3D type was replaced with neon light type and the 3D speakers were removed in exchange for some palm trees.

You can also watch the behind the scenes video and finished product below.