0 - 0:13

We open with a tight shot of someone's face driving, wind blowing in their face. From their wide eyed distraught look on their face we can tell it's not a good situation. The Camera pulls out from our first CLOSE UP to a WIDE to reveal the car as a dirty dilapidated black buggy cruising through the desert. In the passenger seat is an injured party.

0:13 - 0:35

CUT TO. A hooded figure inside a truck chasing our wounded heroes.




The Look of this video is going to be it's key selling point. I really want to push what the guys have created with their tour design and expand on it. The civilians in the video have to look like they're characters from the Matrix while Flosstradamus (The guardians/police) have one riot gear that looks just like what they created. The Floss Logo represents the police. The colors on this end of the spectrum will be army green and black. Very monotone.

The Zombie evil creatures also have a very specific faded red palette. I want to separate our creatures from anything else that's been done before. In my head I don't think I've ever seen a fashionable zombie. They also only have the glowing red eyes. Like Jawas from Star Wars.

I want everything to have a very fashion forward style. I'm looking into getting a professional stylist who's excels in this look.



The video starts with a wounded girl limping through a dystopian futuristic setting. Lara Croft type with short blonde hair.

In the distance we see a base of some sort (Prison base or abandoned factory base). With HDY Flags & barbed wire surrounding it.

She runs inside and meets with her comrade. A Mad Max / Biker looking guy with a shotgun and tattoos. It'd be sick if he's wearing a vintage Bulls playoff t-shirt with the sleeves cut off or grunged out. (Ryan Gosling or Sons of Anarchy type)

There's a big reveal to the creature. You'd expect to see a zombie but instead it's a cloaked figure with glowing red eyes. They have on a poncho or a oversized red torn sweater/hoody.

There's an action sequence between the three characters (TBD) and the creature wins......


Then out of nowhere two guys in full riot gear (FLOSSTRADAMUS) show up and tear the house down. Slow motion shots of them destroying this one cloaked figure. The creature dies and the two share a moment of solice.


They both turn their heads and see an entire army of red cloaked figures. They run back inside the gates of the base. Strap up and let loose their final weapon of choice. A Flamethrower.

We end it with an epic shot of the camera pushing into the both of them having fun with the fire & just imagine the carnage they're delivering.