A painting in motion. That's our concept.

We start with a beautiful composition of birdy sitting playing her guitar. She looks like she's painted against a constantly moving watercolor texture. The paper is white, the ink is different shades of blue. Each ting of her guitar sparks these tiny stars that animate outward from her guitar strings.

When she starts singing (0:13) she gets up and walks. We pan down to her feet slowly walking across the floor

Example I animated using a skateboarder

Behind her is white watercolor trails. In these trails we see pictures from the film.

When the chorus hits at ( :46 ). We do a 360 degree spin around her. This is when we evolve from the flat D.I.Y look into a more realistic look (everything still having a painted texture to it). slowly the spinning picture turns from water color textures into a bright starry world.

( 1:10 - 1:17)

We do a long zoom backwards away from the stars. We see the stars were inside a sihouette.


The sihouette is birdys. And we follow her again against a different watercolor backdrop.


We do another spin just as before but with more intense colors.


We end the video with her walking away until she's a tiny dot. Sort of like another star in the sky.

The End