Used to is going to be a fast paced effects driven performance video.

When I first heard Used to I instantly had a vision of an aerial shot while Rockie's driving through the desert. Another effect I could see use implementing is called "hyper-lapse". Basically moving time-lapses pushing in, around and doing extreme zooms of the performances. We can do Vertigo style shots back and forth, I don't think I've seen a music video that uses this effect yet.

We will spend a day (maybe two) going around different locations in Los Angeles : mountains, deserts, landmarks shooting these beautiful hyper-lapse shots. It will be a small 2-3 man crew so the talent will need to show up on set camera ready. We will also hire a drone videographer to do all of our sky shots.

This isn't going to be a high end shoot with sets, producers and flashy light set ups. We are taking it back to the basics. Into The Future was shot with a 3 man crew and this is how I want to approach this video.

It's going to be super Fresh! And I can't wait to get started.

I want the colors to be super vibrant as well. Some examples below.

As far as styling I think it would be dope if Rockie & Hit Boy coordinated with their clothes. I have an idea of Rockie wearing a custom made jacket that says "MMG" and hit boy wears a jacket that says "HS87".