We'll be exploring the rugged indie street race culture for all it's grime and glory. Everything should have the grainy feel of a documentary. Ty Dolla $ign and Joe Moses hype up the crowd and do a couple performances in front of the cars.

The clips below should give you an idea of the real culture behind indie race car driving. It's filled with smoke, grease, drifters and street race cars.


The location should be an illegal car show held in an empty abandoned parking lot. Everyone in the crowd is super swagged out too, like at a fashion show. Cement grid with hazard signs and stacked tires sprawled all over it. 

Ty pulls up to the show in his Acura NSX. Ty is a triple threat a mechanic, hustler and a driver. Once he arrives it becomes clear his ride is well equipped with speed.


All the cars should look like true indie race cars. Old 90's tuned BMW's, Acuras and Hondas.


Ty Dolla Sign and Joe Moses should both look like they work on cars or are part of the moto culture in a fresh way. Overalls and mechanic jumpsuits would look dope. Moto Cross pants with logos all around to match the cars.

The girls can wear fly colorful moto inspired gear as well. A brand like Vestments is a good example. Anything with logos around it.

The story takes us through a docu style montage of Ty once he arrives at the show. First it's a cool interior shot as he looks out onto the show. His crew form up once he parks then the fun begins. The music plays and we go through all different cars at the show while Ty Dolla $ign and Joe Moses do a performance.

*The bit below was added to incorporate more story but we can totally scrap it or come up with something fresher.

The middle of the video gets interrupted when his foe pulls up alongside Tys car before dawn. Their last race together.

The grand finale scene will be interior shots of the car as drifting and cool tight slow motion shots of the wheels spinning as it does a donut around the parking lot.

We end the story with an epic victory by Ty. The whole gang comes running to the car and we see him take home the trophy.

Some more style references.